Beauty hack: How to Dye Hair extensions

One of the marks of human hair is that you are able to change its color by dyeing it. Hair extensions have a tri-color system that enables it to blend with your own hair even if it is a little lighter or darker than the real color.

However, it is possible to improve the color match by dyeing. Follow this useful guide to further match the extensions’ color to yours.

Dyeing copy

Step #1: Bleach the hair extensions for 50 minutes using a bleaching powder and 12% oxidizing cream. This can be bought from HBC or Hortaleza. It costs around P100.


Step #2: Rinse the hair thoroughly leaving no residue of the bleach. Then, soak in conditioner for 10 mins. After conditioning, rinse and air dry.

Step #3: Once the hair is completely dry, brush and apply hair dye by sections. We recommend L’oreal Shine Moist Celloshine and Shine Moist Henna Wax because they will make the hair shinier and tangle-free. If you are using cream based color, leave for 50 minutes, if you are using powder dye or cellophane, leave for 3 hours then rinse. Condition again then rinse.

Finished! Now your hair extensions can blend perfectly with your own.
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