Flaired is an online brand of human hair extensions. Its products come in a one-piece, clip-on style hair extensions. The name originates from the word flair, which means both stylishness and originality that embodies the ladies who are fearless in exploring the beauty that comes with longer and fuller hair.



What do you usually do during the summer when you’re eighteen? Take summer classes to lessen the units you have to take next semester? Go on vacation up north with your barkada? Apply for a summer job? My friends and I were able to do all of those, except getting a job. We are young and ambitious and we wanted to do more — something that would shake up the industry. So with our doubts and cluelessness, we decided to be entrepreneurs in the field of hair care, where we are all passionate about. This is the birth of Flaired Hair Extensions, which is a brand of clip-on human hair extensions endorsed by some of the most glamorous celebrities today such as Christine Reyes, Kim Chiu and Anne Curtis.

It was May 2010. Three friends from high school, I (Sam), Krizia and Carlo started Flaired from scratch. We have managed it for over a year now completely on our own. After a few short meetings over a friend’s house planning our business, we chose the name Flaired to describe how Filipina women would look like with hair extensions — that is, with an added flair.

We’ll keep it real for you. The capital we used to order stocks came from our own pockets depending on how much we can shell out at the time (which isn’t much). As your average teenagers, it helped that Carlo had experience in online selling that we already know at least the operations to secure. While waiting for the stocks to arrive, we browsed through Multiply shops to expose ourselves to a wide array of choices between layout designs, systems of payment and delivery and advertising. We also set up accounts on Sulit and Facebook to promote our shop, which is aimed at selling high quality and innovative clip-on human hair extensions at affordable prices. We wanted the hair extensions industry to reach college students, bride to-be’s and working women, not just celebrities. It is about time that the elite-oriented human hair extensions industry to stir up and meet its competition!

When the stocks arrived, we did our own photoshoots, personally modelling and styling our hair extensions. By June, the store was set up and opened to the public. It was really difficult to find customers at first. We had a hard time gaining credibility from since we are just starting up that it took a few weeks before someone actually bought from us and established a customer base online. Also, it took an extra amount of effort to manage our site and maintain it while we are studying. It really helped that our families and friends were supportive of our ventures that we received a lot of encouragement and assistance. They would refer customers, promote us for free during their organization’s events, shoot photos with us and help us to go through some of the bureaucratic processes that come with a business.

Most of all, our customers have been delightful! They have been giving us so much love, support and loyalty that they would repeatedly order from us and refer their friends to us. Our confidence on our products rubbed off on them that they, too, have trusted Flaired for their hair extensions needs. Our gorgeous customers have provided helpful insights and asked relevant questions so that we would know how to respond to their needs. They even shared that Flaired has been part of the most important events of their lives — professional modeling or styling, debuts, parties, weddings and usual days that they just want to be beautiful.

However, Flaired was never static. From the first batch, we sought to improve our products. We introduced the One-Piece hair extension system, which is first of its kind in the Philippines. Its price is still unmatched up to date. At the same time, we also improved our packaging by placing our hair extensions on little white boxes instead of the usual PVC bags that looked cheap. We also added more color options, wrote many informational blogs and did video tutorials on how to do different hairstyles to encourage our customers to maximize the use of their human hair extensions.

More than that, we are personally satisfied with our products that we recommend it to our friends, and we use it too! Personal satisfaction is more important than anything else because it shows that we believe in our products and we know in what aspect we would like to improve.
In the future, after we graduate in college, we wanted to expand Flaired to promote it as a household name for innovative, high-quality hair extensions. We envision having our own boutique open for the public to enjoy the experience of wearing hair extensions. As for now, we are trailblazing and making a mark in the human hair extensions industry. Truly, you will never know how a short summer vacation could turn into a productive venture that could help hundreds of Filipina women enhance their natural beauty. We hope that our story would help inspire you and all women out there to step out and shine.How about you? Share us your hair extensions stories too!

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