Flaired is ethically sourced from the temples of India.
As a sign of gratitude and thanksgiving, long-haired women from India offer their unprocessed hair to Hindu temples. Being part of a spiritual practice, they do so without compensation. Initially, these temples burned these Indian hairs as part of the ritual and a way of disposal. But when the demand for “real” hair extensions arose, consumers started buying Indian hair from these temples.
The profits generated from Indian hair have benefitted the community as it provided healthcare, food, clothing and education to poor families in the country. Now it has evolved into a lucrative and legitimate trade that has reached high-fashion runways, endorsed by superstars, and a must-have for celebrities. Thousands of women and men also benefit from the employment generated international by the industry.
Remy hair is extracted from a single donor so that the cuticles point in one direction. This prevents tangles and is softer and smoother than non-Remy human hair, which is extracted from different donors, so that hair cuticles may point to different directions.
Unlike synthetic hair extensions, Remy Human hair can be styled like your own. There is no need to worry if it will be melted by curling irons, damaged perming chemicals, rebonding treatments, or washed regularly. It requires minimal maintenance and, with proper handling, can last for years.
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Our hair extensions are attached to the hair near the roots through clips specially engineered clips that are gentle and sturdy. No need to worry about your hair extensions coming off during activities or hurting your scalp.
The clip-on attachment system is the easiest way to achieve long hair without the fuss of braids, glues, rings and strings. Women can remove and attach hair extensions at their convenience and never need to commit into managing long hair for a long time.
Flaired is the first in the Philippines to offer One-piece hair extensions. Before, clip-ons come in different sets that usually require about seven to 14 pieces to provide a full head look. But Flaired was first to offer full head looks using just One-piece. This eliminated the number of clips attached to the hair and the amount of time spent for attachment. Virtually undetectable and easy to attach, our hair extensions guarantees a naturally full look with less clips at a much better price.
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Double drawn hair undergoes a second process of selection, making it more superior to single drawn hair. Shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. Sometimes this is also done by giving the hair a straight cut before selling them on their actual lengths.
This allows for the hair to have a sense of uniformity as the top is as thick at the tips. You are guaranteed with a healthier-looking hair with solid length until the end.
20 inches are for women who want volume and moderately long hair on everyday basis without the hassle. This reaches the chest area and may be longer for petite women.
26 inches are for the daring women who want long, cascading hair behind their backs or extravagant hair styles for special occasions and photoshoots. Recommended for hair artistry, this length reaches until the waist.
Coffee Black are for women who have dark or un-dyed hair. The color is matched with the natural Filipina hair color.
Chocolate Brown are for women who have dyed hair in brown tones. It is more practical to opt for this hair color because it is relatively easier to dye than Coffee Black.
Caramel Brown are for women who wanted to dye their hair in Black to Brown tones, or simply, tones that are lighter than Chocolate Brown.
Wheat Blonde are for women who have very light hair tones or wanted to customize their hair color because it is the easier color to dye.

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